Group Retirement Solutions

What is the number one issue with employer sponsored group retirement savings plans?

Member Engagement.

Wise Riddell understands this can be a game changer when it comes to employee satisfaction and retention. Our approach prioritizes member engagement at no additional cost to you or the plan. One-on-one advisory services create a unique retirement program based on individual needs and objectives, growing trust, engagement and performance of the program.

Wise Riddell outpaces industry averages of specified investment direction by more than 50%.

Our members’ average account balances exceed the industry benchmarks by up to 400%

What does this mean to you? A win-win result.

Pension issues come off the bargaining table. Employee complaints disappear. An informed and engaged workforce is simply better for all stakeholders. What’s more, Wise Riddell’s process is simple, effective and does not require a change of the existing plan carrier.

A long history of delivering exceptional financial services

Wise Riddell Financial Group has been an industry leader for individuals as well as members of group retirement savings plans for over 30 years. Our clients appreciate our dedication to:
  • Full and comprehensive marketing of existing plans
  • Evaluation of existing investment alternatives to meet member objectives
  • Third party fund manager analysis
  • On-going investment evaluation and monitoring

Building trust one client relationship at a time.

Our process and our focus are on building personalized financial plans and lasting client relationships. We demonstrate this through:
  • One-on-One member retirement planning
  • Individualized investment planning
  • Annual member planning updates
  • Annual Sponsor Plan Reviews
  • CAP Compliance Monitoring